Playhouse 4000 MilesAmy Herzog“™s play “œ4,000 Miles“ has earned 4 Stars from the panelists of the League of Cincinnati Theatres. Panelists described it as a “œdelightful, lovely play“ intersecting “œyouthful tragedy with the struggles of the elderly as friends die off.“

Panelists raved, “œThe acting is stellar. The costumes were spot on“¦The set was home. It’s Herzog’s language that gives us such a ride. Double thumbs up.“

Another  comment, “œa beautiful little jewel “¦It felt as if Herzog had invaded my personal memories and stolen actual conversations I have had with my great-aunts, my grandmother. Her characters are so finely wrought that I wept with recognition“¦ It’s fantastic across the boards.“

The panelists singled out the performance of Rosemary Prinz as Vera, stating her performance “œis untouchable“  and  “œphenomenal in her role as a 91-year old leftist in Manhattan, weaving comic charm with tragic moments in a moving, powerful manner.“

“œ4,000 Miles“ continues through March 9 at the Shelterhouse in Cincinnati“™s Playhouse in the Park.  For tickets and more information go to cincyplay.com or call 513-421-3888.

Nominations for LCT awards will be determined and announced at the end of the season and winners awarded at the annual LCT gala in the spring.

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