Cast of TCT's Finding Nemo,Jr' Photo by Mikki Schaffner.

REVIEW: Disney’s Finding Nemo Jr.

It is quite amazing to watch the actors work the puppets’ mouth and sometimes also their eyes while having them  say their lines.  It is mesmerizing to see the wildly different types of puppets. 

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Much Ado About Nothing presented by Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

REVIEW: CSC’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is Everything!

While some notions of Shakespeare’s time are a thing of the past (or should be), most of his sentiments and lessons are timeless. The act of falling in love should be simple, but humans tend to overcomplicate it as we do many things. Are Beatrice and Benedick so afraid of rejection that they each spurn the other, all while concealing their growing affections?

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"Much Ado About Nothing" Featuring: Cast of "Much Ado About Nothing"

REVIEW: CSC’s MUCH ADO about Love and Laughter

Menglekoch as Beatrice, is someone you’d want to hang out with. She has earned social respect and is quite magnetic, despite being unmarried. Barnes’ Benedick is also witty, and he has the comedic skills to get the audience rolling. (The barrel scenes are especially funny.)

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Erin Morton as Ti Moune in CCM's Once on this Island.

REVIEW: CCM’s ‘Once on This Island’ is Joyful

With its talented cast, amazing voices, dynamic choreography, and stunning visuals, ‘Once on This Island’ captures the magic and spirit of the Caribbean island setting, creating a memorable theatrical experience. This is an excellent show for the first-time theatre goer, and a must-see for everyone else.

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From L to R: Rick Grant as Alan Turning, Ted Weil as Mick Ross, and Lawson Smith as Ron Miller in Breaking the Code at Falcon Theatre.

REVIEW: Timeless Topics in ‘Breaking the Code’ at Falcon

Rick Grant’s stellar portrayal (of Turing) is breathtaking. Mr. Grant expertly pivots between a university-age Turing to a more adult Turing and back again without issue. His physicality, his cadence of speech, and his array of emotions are a work of art. Mr. Grant shows commitment from the first breath he takes on stage until his last.

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