About LCT

Who We Are

The League of Cincinnati Theatres was founded in 1999 to strengthen, nurture and promote Cincinnati’s theatre community. We are a consortium of Cincinnati’s professional theatres with a mission to facilitate collaboration among regional theatre artists and to support critical arts writing in our community. LCT is dedicated to increasing awareness of the performing arts and perception of the arts as a vital part of community life.

What We Do

LCT’s efforts have taken various forms over the last two decades, from internships and awards galas to AEA grants and prizes for emerging artists.

Currently, the League is focused on supporting critical arts writing and facilitating collaborations among theatre professionals across the region.

Over the pandemic, Cincinnati Theatre has had to grow and change to survive and The League of Cincinnati Theatres is no different. Over the last year, extensive focus group work has been done to rebuild our organization in a better, stronger way. In March of 2022, our new By-laws document was adopted, bringing individual artists into the membership structure of LCT. It is the deep belief of the Relaunch Committee that this change will help us build a stronger theatre community and breathe new life into the mission and work of LCT.

Stage Insights Review

Members of LCT’s Stage Insights team are educated passionate theatre-goers. The team is tasked with writing responses to every production produced by LCT member theatres, expanding the critical dialogue around each show and increasing public awareness.

CincyTheatre Connections

A Facebook community for Cincinnati’s theatre professionals, CincyTheatre Connections aims to provide a space for discussion, collaboration, and resource-sharing among the city’s theatre makers.


An Instagram community with celebrates our member theatre shows and members, increasing public awareness.