Carnegie’s “Disenchanted”: Not Your Mother’s Disney Princesses

Sneak Peek by Doug Iden of Disenchanted: The Carnegie Theatre

Forget the Disney or Mother Goose versions of classic nursery rhymes about Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, or Sleeping Beauty when the Off-Broadway musical Disenchanted waltzes into The Carnegie Theater starting March 25 through April 9.  Call it the Grimm version of these stories as the Fairy Tale Princesses let down their hair and tell it the way it really is.  

The following is a question and answer interview with Sara Kenny who plays Snow White in the musical.

What drew you to the role of Snow White? 
What didn’t draw me to this role? As soon as I saw the character description for the audition notice, I felt like it was meant to be.  It is everything I could hope for in a role and character. It felt very “me” in a sense. A very inflated me but nonetheless a character I feel like myself not only as a person but as a woman could relate to; I wanted to step into this character and help tell the story we so often forget, what lies behind the surface of what these perfect princess are known for in our society. This helps tell the REAL story and issues if you will.

While I have played Snow White before, this is a completely different character than the audience may have seen on film, in theme parks and story books.  We all see Buzzfeed short clips of Disney princesses gone bad (or maybe I just have too much time on my hands). People love seeing a different side to what is so routine and well known to all of us growing up, or now have passed on to our own children.  I remember watching the classic Disney movies and laughing…thinking, what would they REALLY do if this was real life in these situations? Or, more importantly, what happens after the show is over?  So, being able to play one of these famous princesses who really do gets to tell her authentic story in front of an audience and explain how this has all played out in “their world” is a blast and a story that needs to be told!

What should the audience be looking for in the show to enhance their experience?  
Come in with a clear open mind and allow yourself  to giggle and have fun.  There are hidden messages throughout the show, so you just have listen carefully to the clever lyrics.  Keep your eyes open and your ears as well.

Some comments about set design?
Tyler Gabbard always blows me away with a slightly cabaret style set and a princess themed twist. We are so fortunate to have Tyler and his talents here in this city.

Cheyenne Hamberg“™s sketches are unbelievable.  She brings a modern twist to your traditional Disney princess ensemble. Colors are key to recognizing the princesses but the usage of different fabrics and details will really be eye catching and help these ladies tell their story.

Jodie Meyn is the perfect lady to be directing this show. She is relaxed; she is hilarious; she gets it. She helps us tune in on the funny and guides us through the scenes with ease. Erin McCamly“™s music direction has been divine.  She helps us find the levels in the songs and reminds us of how important the lyrics really are.  Maggie Perrino brings the perfect amount of choreography yet gives us the freedom we need and what this show calls for to really make our characters stand out as individuals in the songs.

What is your past experience?  
I grew up on the West Side of Cincinnati (I now live in Newport, Kentucky). I got into theatre in high school after I got cut from the dance team and couldn’t stand to compete as a swimmer anymore.  I attended NKU and graduated in 2011 with my BFA in Performance. I completed a year-long internship at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, lived briefly in NYC, and have worked at numerous professional theatres here in town as well as gigs in Louisville, Kentucky and The Old Creamery Theatre in Iowa. Other credits at The Carnegie include playing Amy “Not Getting Married Today” in Company as well as playing Ethel Toffelmier in The Music Man.

And, of course, anything that you think would be pertinent?
It really is a great “girls night out” at the theatre. But any adult would have a great time. I promise. Come to the theatre and forget your real life troubles and enter these princesses“™ world. Enjoy their story and maybe even learn a quick lesson or two from it. I promise we don’t bite too hard. Come play with us at The Carnegie and enjoy the run of the Disenchanted Regional Premiere.  Let us tell you what really happens after “The End”.

Other cast members include Allison Evans as Cinderella, Blair Godshall as Sleeping Beauty, Gabriella Francis (Little Mermaid, Belle, Rapunzel), Mikayla Renfrow (Pocahontas, Mulan, Princess Badroulbador) and Brittany Hayes as The Princess who Kissed the Frog.

So sprinkle some fairy dust and fly down to The Carnegie Theater.  I guarantee, you won“™t be Disenchanted. See the Carnegie website for show times and ticket information (, 859-957-1940).

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