Cincinnati Fringe Earns 5 LCT Awards

The League of Cincinnati Theatres selected 5 outstanding shows and  “LCT Must See” plays from the 10th Anniversary of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

The MamLuft Dance Company from Cincinnati was awarded the “Best Design Concept” for Maps,  a powerful multimedia movement presentation.  “Best Audience Involvement” went to A Killing Game, presented by the Dog & Pony Company from Washington, DC. Ain’t True and Uncle False, presented by Paul Strickland of Indianapolis, got the nod for best Solo Presentation.  Lolita: A Three Man Show, presented by Four Humours Theatre, Minneapolis, won the Best Ensemble Category. LCT Best Overall was presented to Petunia and Chicken from Animal Engine of NYC.

Local productions labeled as “LCT Must See” were Choose Your Own Adventure(Pones, Inc., Cincinnati), The Bubble (North American New Opera Workshop)  andThe Wave, by Ron Jones (Unity Productions, Cincinnati).

Additional “LCT Must See” labels went to: Poe and Matthews: A Misadventure in the Middle of Nowhere (Grumble Productions, LA), The Elephant in My Closet(Keeping Watch, NYC), BUTCHER HOLLER HERE WE COME (Aztec Economy, Brooklyn, NY), Dirk Darrow: NCSSI (Tim Motley, Melbourne, Australia), Questions of the Heart: Gay Mormons and the Search for Identity (Ben Abbott, Bloomington, IN),  and Loon (Wonderheads, Portland, OR).