Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s “Henry IV” Earns 4 Star LCT Rating

Matthew Johnson and Justin McCombs in "Henry IV"
Matthew Johnson and Justin McCombs in “Henry IV”

Panelists for the League of Cincinnati Theatres (LCT) have recognized the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s production of the Henry IV, Parts I and II with a 4 Star Rating.

Henry IV is Shakespeare’s classic history that mixes rebellion and treachery with the humorous coming of age of Prince Hal and his companion Falstaff. Panelists praised the production as “exuberant and boisterous…a really great ride!” “CSC drums up big attention with the play… I would highly recommend this production, especially for anyone who previously thought the History Plays were boring!” Brian Isaac Phillips was applauded for “flawless” direction, “maintaining order during the swiftly moving sequences.” Andrew Hungerford’s lighting was noteworthy,  “heightening the drama and the mood scene by scene and keeping the audience focused and entranced”.  Drew Fracher was also recognized for his effective fight choreography.

Panelists were impressed by the entire ensemble, who “sing and cavort and run the aisles and play with good energy and focus…I felt riveted.” Standouts included Matthew Lewis Johnson’s Falstaff and Justin McComb’s Prince Hal.  “Their affection and sense of mischief was wonderful. McComb captured a Prince untethered, in the last throes of ribald chicanery…Johnson as Falstaff was delightful and fully flirtatious – waxing wordily as he justifies his lies and cowardice.”

Henry IV continues through April 91th. Tickets can be purchased at

League of Cincinnati Theatre panelists evaluate productions on a 5 star scale and recommend shows at either a 4 star or 5 star level. Nominations for LCT awards will be determined and announced at the end of the season and winners awarded at the annual LCT gala in the spring.