Cincy Fringe 2024 Overview

How to Fringe

What is Fringe?

Cincinnati Fringe Festival  is celebrating its 21st year. (“So it is old enough to drink,” says Liz Carman, Marketing Director.) 

Cincinnati knows summer is the time for festivals of all kinds. Fringe is a festival celebration of theatre for theatre lovers, doers and everyone.  With over 170 performances of 35+ theatre productions, plus art galleries, screenings, concerts, workshops, classes, and nightly parties and special events, this is a great time.  Explore. Expand. Discover something new about your fellow humans–build empathy. Connect with your creativity.  

Fringe Fests often feature more experimental or unusual productions. “Cincy Fringe, specifically, has grown into an exceptional opportunity for Fringe circuit artists to present brand new or in-progress works,” according to their website. Cincy Fringe also has an incubator program, called Fringe Development. New artists can bring their ideas and form them into a 60-minute piece.

How to Get Tickets and Choose Shows

With over 36 shows to choose from, I recommend a 6-show Flex Pass. (There’s no limit on the number of Flex Passes you can buy.)  You can purchase one through the online box office HERE.  

Next, pick some shows! Explore the schedule and read the descriptions.  You can read reviews from LCT HERE.  

You may notice a number of shows with similar themes each Fringe. Last year featured a number of shows about drug addiction and recovery. This year, dementia must be on artists’ minds–coping with it or loving someone with it. “As if you will remember and Castaways, are just a few of the shows with that theme.

Artists sometimes draw on history (Eleanor’s Story, Meet me at the Bathtub, Songs Without Words) or create something entirely new (Gender F*). Audiences get to pick the ending in some “choose your own adventure” shows such as “The F-Files” and popular “I am Finally Going to Ask Elizabeth Thompson….”.

Another way to choose shows is to show up early and take a stab at your first show.  Talk to people. Talk to the box office staff.

When is Cincy Fringe 2024?

This year, May 31 to June 15. Weekdays 7-9:30, Weekends about 2-9:30.  Afterwards there is always a party at the Fringe underground–usually starting around 10 pm. 

You do not have to see it all. Stop in when you can. See one or 25 shows. In fact, June 15 will be Fringe Encore–3 of the best shows to see back to back at Know. (The three hows will be announced June 8.)

What Else Do You Need to Know? 

  • Parking – The 12th street lot (access on Central as well) is perfect for most shows which are in the Art Academy Building or Know Theatre.  Fringe also uses Gabriel’s Corner at Salem United Church of Christ which is a short walk with friends to and fro.
  • Bring a Water Bottle and Sweater – Prepare for various temperatures. Some theatres run cold, some hot.  Best place to fill up your water bottle is the Art Academy 2nd Floor. 
  • Plenty of Restrooms – Available in all venues. 
  • Food & Drink – Popular options include Coffee Emporium, Gomez, Taglio, Downtown Kroger, or the many restaurants on Vine (Taste of Belgium, Bakersfield, etc.) as well as the bar at Know Underground.
  • Accessibility – Yes.

Cincy Fringe 2024

See You at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival! Refer to Fringe website for more questions. Just show up.  Fringe is friendly to all. 

(NOTE: Just a few of the shows are pictured–see LINEUP for more!)

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