Fringe 2024: Kat’s Most Anticipated Shows

The 21st Annual Cincinnati Fringe Festival will be here before we know it and it’s time to start planning your schedule and buying those tickets.

By Katrina “Kat” Reynolds

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means: Fringemas Time, baby!

The 21st Annual Cincinnati Fringe Festival will be here before we know it and it’s time to start planning your schedule and buying those tickets. With 26 primary lineup shows; 4 FringeDevelopment pieces; 5 special events; and 1 adorable event for Kids’ Fringe, there is something for everyone.

In alphabetical order, here are the pieces which have already piqued my personal interest:

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Fringe 2024: Kat’s going to An Urban Legend Comedy: Bloody Mary

TAGLINE: A demon is summoned. and is forced to go to high school.

Kelly Collette’s 2020 Serials run of Bloody Mary was unfortunately cut short due to a wee blip we call COVID-19; but now she’s bringing an extended script back to the stage. Under the capable direction of A.J. Baldwin, I imagine this won’t be your parents’ slumber party game. Collette is an in-demand standup comedian and writer who has appeared in venues around the country. Her imagination with Baldwin’s vision promises to be bloody fantastic!

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Fringe 2024: Kat’s going to Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany

TAGLINE: Award-Winning WWII memoir, performed by author’s granddaughter.

While we’ve all heard many stories of the horrors brought on by WWII, I am particularly intrigued to hear the voice of a survivor’s blood relative – especially one of an American woman navigating the already complicated life of an immigrant. This show is no stranger to Fringe festivals which only makes it more appealing as artist Ingrid Garner will have long-since worked out any kinks that may have existed. One thing is for certain: I won’t be wearing eye makeup when I attend. (Call me Kreskin.)

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Kat’s going to I’m Finally Going to Ask Elizabeth Hopkins to the Homecoming Dance and Nothing’s Going to Stop Me, Not Even the Ghost of my Dead Grandmother Who Watches Me Masturbate

TAGLINE: A “Choose Your Own Adventure” Romantic Comedy About Second Chances

Queen City Flash. Need I say more? (Okay, I will.) Trey Tatum writing a coming-of-age 1990s-themed show under the direction of Know Theatre’s crowned Producing Artistic Director, Bridget Leak? Take my money, people. Queen City Flash has been a powerhouse Fringe contributor and award-winner for some time now and the energy their shows bring is like nothing you’ve ever seen. They always sell out, so get your tickets now.

A knife with wings and blood on it

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Kat’s going to Meet Me At The Bathtub: The Short Life & Tumultuous Times of Charlotte Corday

TAGLINE: A bathtub assassination immersed in the tempestuous French Revolution.

Full disclosure: I am assisting behind-the-scenes with this one, but my excitement is genuine and would remain intact if I had not been asked to be involved.

Local artist Samantha Joy Luhn is making her Fringe premiere as a playwright (she has participated as a performing artist in years past) with her take on the story of an 18th century woman whose heart and mind are surprisingly timeless. With a two-person, all-female cast portraying a slew of different characters under the solid direction of Becca Howell, the audience will bear witness to the emotions politics can emit – sometimes before logic takes hold. This offering will be sure to please historians, feminists, and true crimes buffs alike.

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Kat’s going to No Passengers

TAGLINE: Alan and Diane hold a séance to resurrect Alan’s ex-wife.

Let the record show: I am here for the return of Gideon Productions to the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. This group has mastered the delicate art of telling relatable stories with a wee bit of mystery and strangeness woven throughout. This year’s production delves into the complicated feelings involved with marriages/partnerships and the relationships that have preceded them. Cincinnati is fortunate enough to be the city to host this particular show’s premiere, so don’t let it pass you by.  

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Kat’s going to Tea Sips & Tell: A FringeDevelopment Piece

TAGLINE: Powerful solo performance: Triumph over adversity, hope for all.

Full disclosure: I am also assisting with this show, but like with the other, my excitement is genuine.

Leila Kubesch is an incredible human being. No – she really is. After a phone conversation with her (yes, I talked to someone ON THE PHONE) that left me speechless in the best of ways, I was immediately smitten. Tea Sips & Tell is a solo performance through the FringeDevelopment program which allows works in progress to test the waters. Kubesch chronicles her journey thus far on this planet with an “unflinching exploration of dark corners” ultimately offering the audience both inspiration and hope. There are so many things I want to share with you about this inspiring person, but I will simply encourage you to purchase your ticket to her “one night only” performance. Have a cuppa with us and I dare you not to be inspirited by her words and authenticity.

I could go on forever about the shows for which I am enthusiastic, but ain’t nobody got time for that! Check out the Cincinnati Fringe Festival website and take advantage of the descriptions and guide (coming your way soon!) to assist with your decision-making. Too many shows and not sure how to get the best bang for your buck? Consider one of the passes offered to stretch your dollar – and your artistic muscles – further. 

Happy Fringemas to all – and to all, a good night.

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