Human Race Theatre“™s Raises the Roof in “The House”

Review by Liz Eichler of The House: Human Race Theatre

Pictured (left to right): Caitlen Larsen, Alex Sunderhaus, Vince Gatton and Scott Stoney in The Human Race Theatre Company“™s production of THE HOUSE.
PC: Scott J.

Human Race Theatre“™s The House is a BLAST.  The dark comedy runs through November 19, and is a short, fun look at how important a house is to a family. It“™s a humorous look at a couple ready to downsize, and the young couple ready to buy, to start their own family and having new feet trod the beloved stairs.

“œAt the center is always the house, like another member of the family,“ the older couple reminisce, never entertaining the thought that the new owners may want to give the house a make-over. That is the major conflict, and the comedy is in how these individuals manage themselves through the conflict.

Scott Stoney and Caitlin Larsen play the older couple, and Vince Gatton and Alex Sunderhaus play the younger couple. All are great with physical and verbal timing. Stoney gets to deliver one of the best dental monologues ever written, by author Brian Parks. Sunderhaus beautifully balances professionalism and her choices when she does not get her way.

This is a new work, but it is very familiar territory, if you ever grew up in a house like the one on stage, or if you sold a home.  There may be some issues with time (it looks like the couple has been there a lot longer) and it treads on some not politically correct ground, but director Margaret Perry makes sure the audience leaves full of smiles after a lot of good belly laughs.

For tickets contact or call Human Race at 937-228-3630.

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