Human Race’s “My 80-Year Old Boyfriend” is THE Show of the Summer 

The music, lyrics and storyline are so uniquely compelling and powerful it’s hard to believe that this show is not already a Broadway hit. (It is heading to NYC next!)

Review by Molly Alderson

“My 80 Year Old Boyfriend” is a new musical created by Charissa Bertles, Christian Duhamel and Ed Bell at Dayton’s Loft Theatre and it is an absolute delight. 

Based on a true story, “My 80 Year Old Boyfriend” follows Charissa’s journey through her twenty-somethings trying to make it in NYC. While working a dead-end job to pay rent Charissa meets Milton, an eighty year old, New York native. We watch an unlikely friendship between Carissa and Milton (both played by Charissa) blossom into a life-changing relationship, filled with lessons, laughter and love. 

Watching Charissa perform her life’s story is a privilege. Throughout the performance she continues to amaze the audience with her ability to beautifully belt song after song, dance her heart out with ease and even plays the piano – she’s a triple-threat unlike any I’ve seen on a Cincinnati stage. 

In partnership with Charissa, Christian Duhamel and Ed Bell have woven together a masterpiece. Using the thread of friendship, the team has sewn together the many fabrics of our heroine’s life in a beautiful, thoughtful and realistic tale showcasing the hardships of life and the importance of chasing your dreams. The music, lyrics and storyline are so uniquely compelling and powerful it’s almost hard to believe that this show is not already a Broadway hit. 

In less than an hour and a half, you’ll revisit memories and feelings from your younger years and leave feeling empowered and excited to “say yes” to your life. 

Music Director/Pianist Brett Ryback is Charissa’s silent partner on stage. The creative team for My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend includes:  Neal Patel, Scenic Designer;  Jen Caprio, Costume Designer;  Brian Lilienthal, Original Lighting Designer;  John Rensel, Human Race Lighting Designer;  and Danny Erdberg, Sound Designer.

“My 80 Year Old Boyfriend” is a MUST SEE this summer. Get your tickets HERE today, before they are gone (because once word gets out about this show, I can guarantee they will be) – June 16th – July 3rd at the Loft Theatre in Dayton, OH.

From “My 80-Year old Boyfriend”

Molly Alderson is an advertising professional. She is a Wittenberg University alum, where she attended on a theatre scholarship. Since graduating, Molly has performed in both theatre, dance and improv groups across the country. She loves attending live performances and hopes her passion for writing will inspire others to get back to the theatre, as well.

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