“In Time” is a Warm Look at Friendship: Miami University Theatre Fringe

Review by Liz Eichler

If you can catch “In Time” playing tonight at 5:30 PM at Studio 88, at Miami, do so.

It is a delightful, gentle, poignant look at two sets of women’s friendships, spanning over 100 years. Written by the award winning student Ruby Gray (recipient of the 2021 Miami University Theatre Gallagher Playwriting Award).

Gray asks “What does it mean to be a woman?” and then crafts a beautiful contrast of language, but essentially shows the hearts of these young women over time, as they get to know themselves over the years and find love and strength with support from each other.

They first meet when one shows a kindness to the other and she accepts. Their friendship builds through letters, balls, texts and unexpected encounters. Again, this is a great illustration of how language has changed, but the soul of friendship has not. Trust and acceptance is key. The four actresses are strong and comfortable with the roles, they are these women, and can deliver past the masks (No program notes, sorry ladies–you are all impressively real.)

I thoroughly enjoyed the music bridging the scenes as well, which elevates this piece even more and leaves you with warmth of a hug. 

The live audience laughed along with these four ladies, while I enjoyed it on YouTube live on 11/19. Thank you Miami for supporting such a talented writer (and for the convenience of YouTube).

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