Incline’s “Church Girls” Will Have You Saying “Hallelujah”

Review by Jenifer Moore of “Church Girls”: Incline TheatreC

As a self-proclaimed church gal myself (sort of), I could not stop laughing at all of the foolishness that takes place in the Lord“™s House during Cincinnati Landmark Productions and Table Five Productions joint presentation of “œChurch Girls:The Musical“.

The musical comedy is set  at the Umatilla Second Christian Church where the “˜ladies“™ of the  Women“™s Auxiliary League are preparing for the annual Mother“™s Day Pageant. But audiences are in for a treat as the cast who makes up the Women“™s Auxiliary League are actually six men who are an amazing tour de force playing the role of multiple characters in this hilarious production.

If you are trying to imagine how such a musical could come to fruition, think “Sister Act” meets “Grease”. I don“™t want to give too much away as I believe surprises bring out the best laughter and entertainment. While each character brings a different tone of biblical based shenanigans, the show is balanced with beautiful songs that are witty and inspirational. I must give major kudos to the cast and production team for executing a flawless show. A few played dual roles as cast members and crew such as Ken Jones, Roderick Justice, Jamey Strawn and Rodger Pille perfectly. I could not get enough of the wigs, whimsical costumes and knee-slapping commentary. Everytime I turned my head another character was coming through the doors bringing more havoc and craziness than before as the women take up the task of selecting and putting on a play to show appreciation for a mother“™s love.

If you are interested in taking a comedy filled stroll down a sanctified church aisle then grab a ticket to see “œChurch Girls: The Musical“ which runs until June 20, 2019 at the Warsaw Federal Incline Theater. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling the Box Office at 513-241-6550.

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