Know Theatre’s “Harry and the Thief” Earns 3.5 Stars from LCT

harry and the thief“œHarry and the Thief“ playing now through August 30, 2014, at the Know Theatre has earned 3.5 stars from the League of Cincinnati Theatres. Panelists agreed that is “œoff-the-wall“ and a “œfun ride,“ reminiscent of a Mel Brooks film.

One panelist expounds, “œThe movie-like feel of the film allows the actors to cross boundaries of the theatre and create a new world between theatre and film. With montage scenes, trailers and credits, it was fast-paced and entertaining for the full two hours.“

Jon Kovach had a standout performance as Overseer Jones. A panelist detailed,“ While the character is “˜white trash“™, sexist and racist, Kovach brings humanity to the character by fighting for the child he has created with slave girl Vivian (Sola Thompson). He also, without fail, kept the audience laughing through the whole show. The story of Overseer Jones is a difficult and silly role and Kovach shows both sides to this character that the whole audience can enjoy.“

A panelist explains the plot: “œJeremy (Rico Reid) has invented a time machine and sends Mimi (Torie Wiggins) back to Harriet Tubman times to deliver guns for a grand effort to free all the slaves. But neither plot nor history really matter for this show, that is a mash-up of satire, farce, caricature, and sketch comedy.“

Tickets for “œHarry and the Thief“ can be purchased at or by calling the Know Theatre at 513-300-KNOW(5669).

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