LCT Hosts Celebration of Cincinnati Theatre

Cincinnati’s theatre glitterati enjoyed a “Theatre Industry Night” last night, at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. President Josh Steele hosted this annual event, slightly different this year, instead of theatres “competing with each other,” they celebrated each theatre and the shows, performances, and designers which the LCT panelists lauded this season.

Steele also announced LCT ‘s new strategic goal of “growing the pie” for audience development. LCT will focus on a new interactive website, supporting a new scholarship program which supports Cincinnati artists and technicians, and including new activities such as “Playdates” in which the audience can watch the backstage process. While there are more initiatives, Steele’s first year as LCPresident has been all about gathering the theatres and developing these new strategies to support the growing and vibrant live theatre opportunities in the greater Cincinnati area.
The LCT notable shows designers and performances from the 2014-2015 Season included:

The Covedale: directed by Ed Cohen and Dee Anne Bryll, featuring Helen Raymond Goers as Maria and Margot Grom as Liesl, THE SOUND OF MUSIC.Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati: a tour-de-force by Bruce Cromer, sound design by Brian Mehring and Matt Callahan, AN ILIAD.
CCM Musical Theatre: performers Lawson Young, Chris Collins Pisano, and Madeline Lynch, Scenic director Joe Leonard, LEGALLY BLONDE.
Untethered’s and Clifton Players’ first collaborative effort: Dale Hodges and the whole ensemble, Buz Davis direction and design, AUGUST: OSAGE COUNT
Diogenes Theatre Company: Tori Smith for her performance, TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES 1992
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company: Kelly Mengelkoch and Nicholas Rose, the ensemble characters, directed by Kevin Hammond, TAMING OF THE SHREW.
CCM Drama: Katie Langham’s performance, Richard Hess direction, SPEECH AND DEBATE.
The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati: Noelle Wedig’s costumes and David Center’s scenic design, Angela Powell Walker direction, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, JR.
New Edgecliff Theatre: Renika Williams, Bob Allen, Michael Shooner and Reggie Willis, RACE.
Falcon Theatre: director Ed Cohen, actors Derek Snow and Michael Hall, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT.
Know Theatre Cincinnati: performer Corinne Mohlenhoff, directed by Brian Isaac Phillips, set design Andrew Hungerford and sound design Doug Borntrager, A HANDMAID’S TALE.
The Carnegie: Layan Elwazani as Anita, Jay Goodlett’s choreography, WEST SIDE STORY.
Miami University: Kelcey Steele’s Princeton and Sean Davis’ Nicky, Grant Lemasters and Aretta Baumgartner for puppet design and coaching, Gion DeFrancesco scenic design, AVENUE Q.
Northern Kentucky University: The NKU ensemble and Ronnie Chamberlain’s costume design THE WEDDING SINGER.
Mad Anthony Theatre Company: Chris Kramer and Daniel Britt, ANY GIVEN MONDAY.

LCT Board includes: Vice President, from New Edgecliff Theatre of Northside, Jim Stump; Treasurer, Pamela Young, from Cincinnati Children’s Theatre; Secretary, from Falcon Theatre, Clint Ibele; Website Chair, from Know Theatre Cincinnati, Andrew Hungerford; Individual Membership Chair, from Clifton Performance Theatre, Kevin Crowley; Social Media Chair, from The Carnegie, Maggie Perrino; Stage Insights Co-Chair, Dr. Sheldon Polonsky. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital; Stage Insights Co-Chair, from Cincinnati Landmark Productions, Rodger Pille; Fellowship Chair, from Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Sara Clark; Annual Event Chair, from Clifton Performance Theatre, Carol Brammer; Media Relations Chair, from Northern Kentucky University School of the Arts, Tyler Gabbard; From Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, Jared Doren; From Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Kathy Neus; and from Cincinnati’s newest Equity theatre, Diogenes Theatre Company, Jeff Landen.

The League of Cincinnati Theatres was founded in 1999 to strengthen, nurture and promote Cincinnati’s theatre community. LCT provides its member companies and individual members with education, resources and services to enhance the quality and exposure of the theatre community in Cincinnati and increase community awareness, attendance and involvement. More information about the League can be found at