LCT Recommends “œClybourne Park“ as a 4-Star Production

Playhouse Clybourne ImageClybourne Park presented by Cincinnati“™s Playhouse in the Park is a 4-Star production, according to League of Cincinnati Theatre Panelists.

Panelists state this is “œan important play in the American drama canon and the Playhouse production brought the rich script to life. In dialogue with (American classic drama) A Raisin in the Sun, the play takes us from the Younger family straight to the owners of the house they bought in Clybourne Park. It imagines what conversations that neighbor Karl would say to the white family in convincing them not to sell to a family color. The second act takes us 50 years later when the neighborhood has been integrated, and is now on the cusp of yuppie white gentrification. The script charts many important conversations about race, integration, and racism, but it does so while couching it with humor.“

Another panelist agrees: “œthe entire ensemble works together to create an uncomfortable, moving, thoughtful piece of theatre that will stay with me for a long time. This is a great play.“

Of special note is actress Deonna Bouye who plays both Francine in the first act and Lena in the second act. She has “œquiet energy, great listening, great reactions and great timing.“

Panelists are impressed with the set by Tony Cisek, who created a believably comfortable home, which becomes ravaged by time and neglect.

Clybourne Park, which was written by Bruce Norris, won the Tony Award for Best Play of 2012. It runs through February 16 in the Playhouse“™s Robert S. Marx Theatre. For more information or tickets for “œClybourne Park“ go to or call 513-421-3888.

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