“Little Dog Laughed” at New Edgecliff Theatre Gets 4-Star Recommendation from LCT

NETLittleDogLCT panelists give a 4-star recommendation to “œLittle Dog Laughed“ currently presented by New Edgecliff Theatre in Northside. Panelists describe this comedy as “œa subtle look at the fear of expressing love with a fierce satire of skittishness about homosexuality. Under director Lindsey Augusta Mercer the fine cast makes potentially stereotypical characters credible.“

“œThis production deserves to be seen by very full houses!“  lauds an LCT panelist. Another panelist adds “œA fine production of a fascinating, smart, hilarious, biting, and incisive script by Douglass Carter Beane.“

The show runs now through October 11 and is performed at The Hoffner Lodge, 4120 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223. For tickets call 1.888.428.7311 or go to newedgecliff.com.

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