Playhouse’s “Seven Spots on the Sun” Earns 5 Star LCT Rating

Gerardo Rodriguez, Gabi Mayorga, and Arturo Sorio
Gerardo Rodriguez, Gabi Mayorga, and Arturo Sorio

Panelists for the League of Cincinnati Theatres (LCT) have recognized Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s Seven Spots on the Sun with a 5 Star Rating.

The Playhouse described Seven Spots on the Sun as “A world premiere fable of revenge and redemption. The citizens of a Latin American village, still reeling from the effects of a brutal civil war, find themselves facing an even more devastating foe: a plague that threatens the most vulnerable among them. A reclusive doctor discovers he has a magical capacity for healing, but it’s his own soul he must mend when he’s faced with a life or death decision.”

Panelists said of Seven Spots on the Sun: “This hauntingly beautiful play by rising young playwright Martin Zimmerman was utterly captivating. Told by an excellent cast comprised of a mini-Greek chorus and main characters, the play ponders the personal stakes of putting one’s body on the line to heal those wounded by war.” Director KJ Sanchez was highly praised; “Her direction brought poignancy to this poetic play…She smartly directed her actors within the space. I felt she gave her actors such a sense of urgency. The stakes were so high that by the end I was I was speechless.” Sound designer Zach Williamson was also singled out for contribution to the production.

Panelists applauded the entire ensemble, who “worked so well together and were so believable.” Gerardo Rodriguez portrayal of Moises was “powerful, restrained, controlled, hinting at the vast reserves of emotion beneath the surface.” Gabi Mayorga was “beautiful” in her role as Monica: “I was stunned by the raw emotion she was capable of in such a small, intimate space.” Finally, Arturo Sorio, as Luis, was commended for his “moving” performance which showed “tremendous range”.

Seven Spots on the Sun continues through October 27th. Tickets can be purchased at

League of Cincinnati Theatre panelists evaluate productions on a 5 star scale and recommend shows at either a 4 star or 5 star level. Nominations for LCT awards will be determined and announced at the end of the season and winners awarded at the annual LCT gala in the spring.