Playhouse“™s “Through the Night” Earns LCT Nomination

Panelists for the League of Cincinnati Theatres (LCT) have recognized Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park“™s Through the Night with an LCT nomination for lead actor (Daniel Beaty) as well as distinguishing it as a recommended production.

Through the Night is a tour-de-force solo performance which embodies the stories of six African-American men, ranging in age from 10 to 60, whose lives are intertwined in beautiful and unexpected ways during one life-changing evening. Transcending race and gender, Through the Night is a hard-hitting and inspirational story filled with possibility and promise.

Panelists described Daniel Beaty as a “œbrilliant showman and interpreter“ whose “œbeautifully and powerfully acted“ performance “œweaved in, out and through real people– multifaceted people.“ The show was praised as “œmoving and full of hope–an evening of pure joy, celebration and a mournful reminder as well.“ Through the Night “œshatters the stereotypes of the “˜African American“™ plight and shows beautifully that these predicaments and life choices are “˜human“™ ones.“

Through the Night continues through October 21st. Tickets can be purchased at

Final LCT awards will be determined at the end of the season and announced at the LCT gala in the spring.

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