Romance is Never Out of Fashion in Carnegie’s “Love, Loss, and What I Wore”

Sneak Peek by Doug Iden of Love, Loss, and What I Wore: Carnegie Theatre


Need some fashion tips?  Is that black dress properly accessorized?  Does that red hat remind you of some momentous event?  To get some witty and possibly bittersweet answers, see Love, Loss and What I Wore opening at The Carnegie theater on November 5 and running through November 20.

Adapted from an Ilene Beckerman novel by the sister team of Nora and Delia Ephron, the play tells the story of many different women who reminisce about their lives through the mirror of the clothes they wore. Nora Ephron is best known for writing the screenplays for romantic comedies including When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle and continues that legacy with this play.

Five actresses including Marypat Carletti, Mel Hatch, Nabachwa Ssensalo, Tess Talbot and Sarach Zaffiro use voice inflections, postures and costumes to portray 28 different women of all ages and stations in life.  This creates real challenges for the actors and director Abby Rowold so the audience can differentiate between the characters. One highlight is the scene called “œI hate my purse“.

Marypat Carletti, the only actress who plays a single character named Gingy, stated that the themes of the monologue include strength of your convictions, courage and overcoming adversity.   For example, one of the characters overcomes breast cancer and then works to help other women conquer their illnesses.  She thought that the play was witty, small, intimate and touching and hopes that everyone will leave the theater laughing.

Marypat felt that women could easily relate to stories of their everyday lives but there is a universality that should appeal to everyone.  The stories relate to the human condition and not just to women.  This is only the second non-musical which Marypat has done and the only play with an all-female cast which she has found very enjoyable.  She would also like to thank Artistic Director Maggie Perrino, Abby and her castmates for this opportunity.

Originally staged as a benefit reading, the show quickly evolved into a very popular off-Broadway production with monthly rotating casts including Rosie O“™Donnell, Kristin Chenoweth, Tyne Daly and Rita Wilson among others.  It is now one of the most popular plays among amateur and professional theaters.  However, the show playing at the Carnegie will be fully staged and not just a reading.

So, put on the pumps and walk over to the Carnegie Theater and enjoy their latest production Love, Loss and What I Wore, playing November 5th-20th.  See the website,, for ticket information.

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