“Boeing, Boeing” Takes off at Covedale

Review by Molly Alderson

Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts and put your tray tables in the upright and locked position. The Covedale Center for the Performing Arts production of “Boeing, Boeing,” written by Marc Camoletti, is about to take off!

“Boeing, Boeing” is a classic farce, showcasing one man’s difficulty with overbooking his love life. The story follows the leading man, Bernard (played by Jeremiah Plessinger), as he navigates the bumpy ride of secretly navigating three relationships, at the same time.

The three women are each airline stewardesses from different countries who all, unknowingly and simultaneously, are engaged to Bernard. As if keeping track of the women’s flight schedules wasn’t difficult enough, Bernard’s long-time Wisconsin native pal, Robert (played by Adam Jones), comes to pay an unexpected visit.

When an unexpected storm hits, all three flight attendants are grounded and chaos ensues.

Plessinger’s delivery of the polygamist protagonist is hysterical. Coupled with Jones’ earnest and midwestern demeanor the two are the perfect pair to compliment the show’s leading ladies.

Cast of
Cast of “Boeing, Boeing” now at Covedale Theatre.

While “Boeing, Boeing,” like many shows from this time period, is not a modern representation of feminism, the women of the show take the stage by storm. First, Bernard’s censorious maid, Bethe (Kaitlin McCulloch) has an impeccable Persian accent and an attitude to match. Bethe tries to help Bernard keep the women straight from their arrivals to their dinner requests.

Next, we are introduced to the stewardess. The first, Gloria (Kelsey Schwarber), a tried and true Texan, followed by Gabriella (Rachel Scardina) a strong-willed Italian, and last, Gretchen (Samantha Joy Luhn) the lusty and loud German. Each woman’s dedication to their role is charming and individualized.

The cast navigates the difficult ‘who’s on first style’ (and fairly long) script with ease. Paired with impeccable comedic timing and thoughtful stage direction, the show is sure to be a Covedale favorite.


“Boeing, Boeing” will be at the Covedale from January 26 – February 19th. The show is not suitable for those passengers traveling with small children.

You can get your tickets by clicking on the link or calling 513-241-6550.

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