Cincy Fringe 2023: Remaining Reviews

By Liz Eichler, LCT Stage Insights Chair

The Highway Woman

By Hannah Gregory

The Highway Woman--a red poster with a black mask--for Cincy Fringe 2023

The Highway Woman is an historical comedy from Cincinnati’s Hannah Gregory. Usually known for her musicals, she takes a turn with comedy, and presents a well written clever story for all ages. Well performed by the energetic Brianna Miller (Katherine), and humorous Danitza Piper (Cordelia), Jared Earland (Tam), Dylan SHelton, (Player 1) and Ellyn Broderick (Player 2). 

The Plot: Set in 1640’s Hertfordshire, England, during the plague and the English Civil Wars, Kat’s family, then stepfamily all die off. In order to save her estates she 1) marries her step-cousin, Tam 2) takes in a squatter, Cordelia and 3) patrol her own estates disguised as a Highway Woman.war. Also part of the story, Tam, Cordelia and Kat are caught in a love/platonic love triangle and Tam, in the crosshairs of the new political regime, is captured. 

This is a strong show, well structured. It is made even better by the incredible talents of Dylan Shelton and Ellyn Broderick.  They know timing, they know levels, they understand physical humor.  Both are professional, and know how to do just enough with a look or a shrug to fully connect with an audience.

Dearly Departed

Karim Muasher, from New York’s Animal Engine

Dearly Departed by Karim Muasher, from New York’s Animal Engine. He brings a lot of the comedy and heart you know, love and expect from Animal Engine. This time we see a “discombobulated” widower making multiple attempts to deliver a eulogy. Then he–and an a brave and amazing audience volunteer–explore the ocean. Muasher is mostly silent, and audience members read cards–to some hysterical results. The heart of the show comes during his scene with a glowing Moravian star standing in for his wife. 

The common theme of these two shows are paper airplanes. I hope you catch them both!

1NCE Upon a Lie

Paul Strickland, Covington, KY

Paul Strickland

Paul Strickland is a Fringe and Know Theatre favorite. He is an award winning storyteller with a charming down-home feel. He leans into his heritage when he shares stories of “Aunt Tru and Uncle False,” stories that are not “lies,” but they may not be “factual,” told to him by “the little old lady who lives in my head.”

This is animated and riveting storytelling for all ages–no cursing, no PG-13 topics. He shares how Uncle Tru would retell Rapunzel, with his own little quirks. He also sings, and teaches the audience a call and response.

He eventually empowers the audience to sing a round with him. Warm and wholesome entertainment that will leave you with a solid message, such as “change is inevitable, so it might as well be good.”

As always, Paul Strickland is someone to see. (His next gig is the Cincinnati Storytelling Festival, October 19-21.)

Fringe Today, Gone Tomorrow!

You can enjoy three of the favorite shows Saturday at the Fringe Encore! Made in America, Happy Go Lucky, and Heart Ripped Out Twice (read all reviews HERE) will begin at 2:30 pm Saturday.

Contact the Fringe Box Office (513-300-KNOW or CLICK HERE) for more information.

updated 6/17