FRINGE 2022 – DAY 4

By Liz Eichler –

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these Fringers from the completion of their appointed rounds.”

Fringe is rain or shine, Cincinnati! The Outdoor Stage moved indoors last night, but the rain did not detract from the shenanigans of loyal Fringers.  

A few new shows opened last night so even more choices to see the creative endeavors of local Cincinnatians and international Fringe artists! For each time slot you have a choice of at least 6 shows. Check out the complete Fringe Schedule HERE and keep reading to find the shows for you.

SADEC 1965 by Flora Le

“Motorcycle Diaries” meets “Eat, Pray, Love” set in Vietnam.”

A woman’s search to reclaim her life leads her back to her father’s homeland.  She learns to ride a motorcycle around Vietnam, cruising through the beautiful areas that tourists usually skip. She learns more about herself, him, and meets her father’s former love, whom he abandoned when he moved to Canada for school, but stayed because the war broke out. 

There is tenderness in Le’s story and how she relates it to the rapt audience.  She relays her life with a clinical detachment in parts, an academic search for knowledge for others, and a fervent desire to be loved. This is quite a story of loss and finding oneself again, both for father and daughter. 

Le looks powerful on stage, clad in dark leather pants and boots, yet her delivery is gentle and soft, showing her vulnerability. Her story pulls you in and the “parallel editing” technique makes it even stronger, building suspense for the ending.  I wish she would have incorporated the amazing photos from her website so we can have an even richer experience, gazing at the splendid vistas of Vietnam as well as her going on this emotional journey with her. 

Audiences, consider pairing this with “Father Daughter & Holy Toast” if the theme moves you.  In that Fringe show, Brady also explores father/daughter relationships, but her show focuses on finding the humor. 

Flora Le in Sadec 1965″

UPLINE- It’s an Opportunity, Not a Show by Megan Stern and Shannan Calcutt

The front rows were full–clearly some of the “ladies” in the audience knew what to expect in this very interactive super-fun presentation, aka “home party.” But it’s not just the front row having fun–everyone participates!

“It is not a pyramid scheme, as that would be illegal.  It is a ladder,” the various characters repeat, all played by Megan Stern as she goes through the ins and outs of participating in a multi level marketing company. 

First Ivy greets the audience (or “ladies”– it’s just easier than saying ladies and gentlemen) in an in-home demonstration. We see her sweating through her pink trumpet-sleeve dress in desperation for sales. Then we meet her upline, who basks in the sales of all below her, then the owner of the company, and then one more (we’ll keep the end a surprise). Each character is crafted with care and attention to hilarious detail. 

Stern has a lot of energy, and plays well off the willing audience. She demonstrates her improv abilities with multiple clever bits and strong timing. (Many Fringe artists and staff were in attendance and more than happy to go along with her prompts. Kate Hartmann deserves a special Fringe Award for her line delivery.) 

Megan Stern in “Upline.”

More shows tonight and Friday, and full days Saturday and Sunday.  See the complete schedule HERE.

Happy Fringe!

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