Incline’s “Clue” Different Every Night

Review by Molly Alderson

The classic detective game Clue comes to life in song and story at the Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre in Clue, the Musical. This interactive musical calls for audience participation as guests are invited to follow along and solve the case of “who-done-it,” with what, and where? With all the potential murderers, weapons and rooms there are 216 possible solutions. Between now and May 14th (on Wednesdays to Sundays) you could potentially see a new show every night! 

Like the beloved game, viewers are invited to play the game during the show as they are guided through a series of clues given by the narrator and “victim” Mr. Boddy. The show follows the cast through six rooms in a 2-story set, thoughtfully created and styled by Scenic Designer, Brett Bowling. 

The cast of “Clue, the Musical” now playing at Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre.

The Cast

At no fault of the actors or production team, you might notice the show lacks a storyline and plot. The customizable nature of the show, while fun, causes a confusing storyline and a lack of character development. This doesn’t stop the infamous, colorful, characters Ryan J. Poole (Mr. Boddy), Lesley Taylor (Mrs. Peacock), Tyler Gau (Professor Plum), Jordan Darnell (Miss Scarlett), Sean Miller-Jones (Col. Mustard), Jerrod Gruber (Mrs. White), Gabe Schenker (Mr. Green), Madeline Stern (Detective) from making the roles their own and flexing their comedic muscles. 

And while the musical performances offers little advancement to the show or storyline, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, and Miss Scarlett showcase their musical talents in their whimsical solo numbers. Other notable cast numbers include Col. Mustard and Professor Plum whose over-the-top antics and comedic timing offer comedic relief to the otherwise nonsensical show. 

“Clue” is Rated PG-13

The performance includes a few explicit jokes and sexual innuendos and therefore is most suitable for audiences over the age of 13. It’s difficult to determine if the script was written in an over-sexualized nature or if the cast could benefit from a more modern direction, but some of the jokes and sexual nods feel unnecessary and at times, fall flat (especially to this Millennial mindset). 

In the end, much like the board game, the show is all in good fun. If you are looking for classic musical theater, this may not be the performance for you. But if you are seeking a fun, interactive, dinner-theater-style show Clue, The Musical offers just that. 

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