REVIEW: Warsaw Incline Theatre Delivers Fresh “Jersey Boys”

From the opening notes to the final bow, the show captivates the sold-out audience and brought many viewers to a nostalgic place, evoking genuine feelings of excitement and joy.

By Molly Alderson

Cincinnati Landmark Productions presents Jersey Boys, a Tony-Award-winning musical that is not just a journey through the rise (and fall) of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, but also a powerful nostalgia trip. Filled with sing-along classics like “Bye Bye Baby,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Walk Like a Man,” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” the show is a dazzling spectacle that balances beloved songs and first-person heartfelt storytelling. 

From the opening notes to the final bow, the show captivates the sold-out audience and brought many viewers to a nostalgic place, evoking genuine feelings of excitement and joy. 

The Set-Up of “Jersey Boys”

The story is divided into four acts that follow each member (and season of the year). This approach provides a diverse perspective, offers a deeper understanding of the group’s complexities, and keeps the two-hour and thirty-minute performance fresh and dynamic. 

Tommy DeVito (Robert Breslin IV), Frankie Valli (Josh Galloway), Bob Gaudio (Elliot Hankins), and Nick Massi (Royce Louden) in “Jersey Boys” at Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre in Cincinnati.

As Frankie Valli, Josh Galloway is nothing short of spectacular. His vocal prowess is powerful and dynamic, particularly in the iconic falsetto. Galloway’s vocals provide vital authenticity while showcasing his style and set of pipes. His portrayal of Valli, showcasing his growth from a young singer to a seasoned star, is beautiful and relatable. 

The supporting cast members, including Tommy DeVito (Robert Breslin IV), Bob Gaudio (Elliot Hankins), and Nick Massi (Royce Louden), are equally as impressive, bringing their distinct flair to their roles. It can be difficult to cast Jersey Boys as it requires four extremely vocally talented actors but Landmark Productions did a great job finding stars within the community and creating this power-house group. 


The production’s set design is minimalist yet versatile and effectively transports the audience from the streets of New Jersey to the stages of fame. Multimedia elements, including projections and video clips, exchange the storytelling and provide a vivid backdrop for the brand’s evolution. Shoutouts to Scenic Designer Brett Bowling, Production Stage Manager Angelica Ortiz, and Scenic Artists Jeff Centrello and Jeremiah Plessinger. 

Music and Dancing

Musically, the cast is highly talented, but for those of you who are performers, you know that no matter how vocally gifted you are, you need an equally gifted musical director. Music Director Jacob Priddy helps curate the impeccable vocal harmonies from the cast and helps each performer shine. 

The dance sequences are well-rehearsed (choreographer Julius Jones) and ideally suited to the era and style of the music.

 As a New Jersey native and recent transplant, I felt the New Jersey accents, while strong, faltered at times and often skewed a little…southern. 


Overall, the performance is an exciting and powerful celebration of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Its stellar performances, engaging storytelling, and unforgettable music offer a lovely theater-going experience. A sign in the lobby calls out “WARNING: This Show Contains Frequent Use of Foul Language Including”F ” Words to provide an authentic New Jersey experience”, so it may not be suitable for young audiences but, this Jersey Girl says, ‘who f-ing cares, it’s a fun show’. 


Whether you’re a lifelong fan of the band (which many of Wednesday night’s audience members were) or discovering their music for the first time, Jersey Boys promises a night of entertainment and will leave you humming their hits long after the curtain falls. So grab your sweetie and check it out at the Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre now through June 23rd. The show is practically sold out. But you can call the box office at 513-241-6550 to snatch up the remaining seats.

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